Welcome to Electrodrive New Zealand

- Battery Powered Manual Handling Solutions

Electrodrive NZ Ltd are leaders in the design and manufacture of battery powered manual handling solutions for industry, healthcare and hospital facilities.

Our product range of towing and pushing devices includes the "Gzelle" hospital bed mover, the "Maxi" and "Mini" range of trolley movers, the "StoreMaster" range of powered trolleys and powered chassis', capable of moving loads from 500kg to 10 tonnes - safely, efficiently and quietly.

Our team of highly skilled electrical and electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and designers ensure that our products acheive the highest standards of design and manufacture, using high quality materials to ensure reliability, easy-of-use, safety and value. Renowned for their reliability, Electrodrive products will give many years of service in the most hostile industrial environments with minimum maintenance.

Most Electrodrive products are detachable, allowing one unit to service a fleet of trolleys or beds using only one operator, and their innovative design helps to eliminate the risk of avoidable injury associated with moving heavy loads.

Designed to safely handle their rated load on gradients up to 1:12, Electrodrive products are ideal where ramps or slopes are found, and can negotiate most types of floor surface with ease.

All Electrodrive products are emission-free and may be used in enclosed or confined areas with complete safety.