- More Load Less Time

Based on the highly successful "Maxi", the StoreMaster is designed to carry heavy payloads - easily and safely over long distances.

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The simple, easy-to-use tiller control system, powerful motor and large load area make the "StoreMaster" ideal for carrying general stores, gas cylinders, medical records - in fact anything that is required to be moved around a hospital or healthcare facility.

With a payload of up to 650kg, the "StoreMaster" can move the equivelent of several manual loads in a fraction of the time - using only one operator, and in complete safety.

The flatbed deck can be custom made to fit your particular application - either a single or double deck or can be fitted with a variety of cages or half cages as required. For confidential document transfers, (e.g. medical records) an enclosed shelved deck can be fitted allowing complete confidentiality and ease of loading/unloading by the operator. For transporting oxygen cylinders, a vertical, or horizontal, honeycomb can be fitted to safely carry the cylinders yet making loading/unloading easy and safe for the operator.

The tiller control system allows the operator to walk in front of the load, ensuring complete safety when negotiaing corners or entering or leaving lifts.

All Electrodrive products are totally emission-free and may be used in enclosed or confined areas with complete safety.